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January 2020 Italy Garda International Exhibition
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January 2020 Italy Garda International Exhibition

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January 2020 Italy Garda International Exhibition

●Exhibition location Congress Centre Riva del Garda
●Organizer: Riva del Garda Fierecongressi S.p.a.
China Exhibition Group Shanghai Fumao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
●Exhibition Introduction
The Italian Gada International Footwear Exhibition (Expo Riva Schuh?) is one of the world's professional shoe exhibitions and one of the largest footwear exhibitions in Europe. The exhibition is held twice a year and has 4 pavilions. The Jiada Exhibition in Hall A, Hall B, Hall C, and Hall D is the industry’s first exhibition every year for the next year’s new platform, Jiada Exhibition, to give visitors a chance to comprehensively predict products and plan ahead. On the other hand, from the perspective of exhibitors, Jiada Exhibition In order to test their new arrivals in the market and make adjustments to bring possibilities


Exhibition scope
Men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes, sports, sporting goods, fashion shoes, indoor, sleepy, slippers, shoes, cloth shoes, comfort, high, thermal, thermal shoes, heavy walking shoes, special function shoes, luggage, leather goods, Handbags etc.


Exhibition purpose
Our company (Fujian Sinhon Commercial Development Co., Ltd.) products (shoes + luggage) received a lot of attention and consultation from international friends in this exhibition, and made a smooth attempt for our brand to go overseas.